About Tamara

Tamara Albanna was born in Baghdad Iraq, and grew up in North America.  Despite leaving her homeland at a very young age, she always felt connected to her ancestors, and the ancient ways of the Sumerians.

Living and traveling in three different continents has given her a unique perspective on life and helped in her own healing.

The birth of her two sons was the moment in which she realized the power of woman, and the divinity they hold.  Becoming a Doula and childbirth educator was a natural transition, and she had the honor and privilege to hold space for several mothers and fathers at one of the most incredible moments of their lives.

Taking a break from birth work she went on to complete her Master’s in International Relations, focusing heavily on women in her native Iraq.  Upon completion she became reacquainted with the Goddess, and knew the path she must take.

She has since become a Reiki Master healer, and earned certifications in various healing modalities.

Tamara Albanna spiritual life coaching

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Tamara Albanna Spiritual Life Coaching

Tamara offers in person and distance support through the use of different healing modalities (Tarot, Angel and oracle card readings, crystal healing, energy work), coaching and general spiritual counseling. As an eclectic spiritualist, she loves and respects all things divine.


For as long as she can remember, Tamara has sought out the divine.  Whether it be through different religions or personal spirituality.  She has come realize a few different things on this journey, the necessity of honoring the Divine Feminine, who has been silenced for generations, that we are all Divine ourselves, and finally, that Love is all that really matters. 

Tamara Albanna